Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Zoya Iris

Zoya Iris is one of their new matte polishes.  Their old matte polishes had more shimmer and were really something special.  If you have a purple this color, you can just throw a matte polish over the top and get the same look as the new mate polishes.  I do like this color though. 

Zoya Yves

Zoya Yves is a really pretty color.  However, it is one of Zoya's new mattes and the formula has less shimmer then the original mattes.  This means they are really nothing special.  If you own a blue this color and put a matte top coat over it, you will get the same look.  I don't know why Zoya changed their perfect matte formula. 

Zoya Loredana

Zoya Loredana is from Zoya's original matte collection.  It is a perfect matte gray with blue shimmer. I really love this one. The new mattes have less shimmer and are not worth it.  You can get a similar look to Zoya's new mattes by adding a matte top coat to a regular polish. 

Zoya Posh

Zoya Posh is from Zoya's first matte collection.  That collection was really special.  It had shimmer along with the matte to make a great finish.  Posh looks like red velvet.  The new matte collection has less shimmer.  You could get a similar finish by just adding a matte top coat to a regular polish. 

Zoya Dovima

I love the matte formula in Zoya's first matte collection, which includes Dovima.  It has a nice shimmer along with the matte.  The new matte collection does not have as much shimmer.  The new collection has nothing special you couldn't get by just adding a matte top coat over a regular polish.  This one, however, is special.  I really like Dovima with a top coat used to make a French tip as shown below. 

Zoya Dillion

Zoya wears well on me and I love their foil finished.  I wanted Zoya Dillion because I love the darker versions of this kind of color like Zoya Zuzu, Spoiled Deeper Dive, and Zoya Remy.  But, this lighter color does nothing for me. 

Wet 'n Wild Megalast On a Trip

Wet 'n Wild Megalast wears really well for me.  I like this color in the early spring before I have a tan.  I seem to be able to pull off more cool toned colors when I am pale.