Friday, August 23, 2013

Pink and Blue Needle Marble

This is s needle marble technique done with Rimmel Pro Posh Pink and Sinful Colors Aquamarine.  I finished with NYC Matte Me Crazy.  To do the needle marble, you need to start with a base polish that will cover in about one coat.  Add a coat, a bit thick if necessary.  Add drops of your 2nd (and maybe 3rd) color.  Drag a needle (I used a dotting tool with a pointed end.) through the second color to marble the polish.  You may want to drag the needle starting from the base color into the second color as well.  I preferred  the nails where I added less of the 2nd color.  I tried several different designs.  I forgot that when I added the matte top coat the second day the polish underneath would soften up.  That is how the nails in the first pic got smudged. 

Monday, August 19, 2013

Pink Dots

This is Essie Super Bossa Nova, an old white polish, and NYC Matte Me Crazy.  I used a dotting tool to do pink/white, white/pink, matte/shiny, and shiny/matte dots.  Meh.  It's O.K.  I probably wont do it this design again.