Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sale Alert!

There are a lot of HIP brand products on super clearance at Target in Bismarck. HIP brand has lots of nice stuff. I love the eye shadows, now $1.50 . The pot of gel liner(I only saw teal) is supposed to be nice (around 2$). They also have HIP paint in secretive on clearance. It works well as an eye shadow base. (See my review) Plus there are a few stay on (2 step style) lip glosses for 2$. They are located in a bin at the far end of the isle in the make-up section.
Big Lots in Bismarck has 2 packs of Revlon (and other brand) nail polish for 2$. That way the polishes work out to be a buck a piece. They also have a lot of shampoos and conditioners. You should look to see if they carry your brand if you go for the nail polish.
Not on clearance, but Walmart has nice cards in their section of contest winning cards.

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