Thursday, November 3, 2011

Before and After the Curly Girl Method

Before and After (after in blue tank top):

In October of 2009 I began using the Curly Girl method of hair care. It is based on a book by the same name by Lorraine Massey. As you can clearly see from the pictures, this method has completely changed my hair for the better. In the first picture, you see my hair at its all time wavy best, pre Curly Girl (CG) method.  In this picture, about half of the ends were touched up by a curling iron.  Picture 2 is a more accurate reflection of how my hair actually looked before starting this method. At this time, I completely gave up on wearing my hair wavy.  As you can see in the second picture, my hair was more naturally fuzzy then naturally wavy.  Before using the CG method of hair care, my hair was always dull, had a 1/4 inch of split ends every 2 months, it had only s pattern waves, my hair always felt like straw,  and my hair was so much dryer then I even was aware of. 
As you can see in the after pictures (blue tank top), my hair is now shiny, has a mix of S and C shaped bends and even has a couple of spirals.  I get almost no split ends and my hair feels soft and lovely.  My hair stays moisturized without a struggle.  In the after pictures, I diffused my hair part way dry and air dried the rest of the way.  I did not use a curling iron.  In my humble opinion, it is worth trying the CG method for any person with wavy or curly hair because the results are often amazing.  For more curly girl before and after pictures, go to this link.  The link is from the curltalk forum on  Curl talk on Naturally Curly is the unofficial headquarters of the CG method, although many members don't follow this method.  For an explanation on the method itself, this blog post on The College Curly explains the method really well.


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