Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I Mixed it Myself (Navy Blue Jelly)

So I'm going to have to explain a lot of terms here.  The internet term for a polish you mix yourself is a franken.  You know how Frankenstein is made from the parts of lots of dead people?  Well a franken polish is made from a mix of other polishes.  What is a jelly polish?  A jelly polish is a sheer polish that looks a little like jelly on the finger nails.  With me so far?  What is a jelly sandwich?  A jelly sandwich is one coat of a jelly polish, one coat of a glitter, and a final coat of a jelly polish.  So, this is a franken jelly sandwich manicure. 

I mixed my navy blue jelly polish in a uncleaned Wet 'n Wild 415A bottle.  I figured I was making a blue polish, so why bother cleaning out the blue bottle.  I mixed Orly Star of Bombay with Wet 'n Wild Clear.  I plan to add more clear to make this polish more sheer and a tiny bit of black to make it darker.  Since I"m a dork I named the polish. Since I'm a geek, I named it Watching for the Capitol Seal. 

This is one coat "Watching for the Capitol Seal", one coat Wet 'n Wild Kaledoscope and then another coat of "Watching for the Capitol Seal".

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