Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Color Club Harp On It

I had really high expectations for Color Club Harp On it and I was sure there was no way this polish could possibly live up to them.  However, Harp On It has managed to meet or exceed the very high bar I set for it.  This is my first holographic nail polish.  The hologram effect is really strong.  The effect shows up great in sunlight.  You can still see the holographic effect if there is some ambient light (lamp, window, etc.)  However, this pretty polish turns into a boring gray in shade or on cloudy days.  On cloudy days this Superman polish turns into mild mannered Clark Kent.  You need to check the weather forcast before you apply it.
Holographic polishes are know for being temperamental.  I've read that you need very smooth nails for a base, holographic polishes only work with certain base coats, top coats can dull the holographic effect, and that they chip in a day or so.   I didn't buff my nails first, and even my somewhat ridge-y thumb looked fine.  I skipped the base coat, so I can't speak to that.  The holographic effect wasn't dulled by my top coat, NYC Grand Central Station.  And it did not chip until day six and I was very hard on this manicure. 
I expected to feel a bit like a futuristic 70's disco robot with this polish on.  However, I just felt like a regular person who was wearing an awesome nail polish.  I believe you pretty much have to get Color Club polishes online.  I bought mine on  I'm extremely impressed with Color Club Harp On It and I am totally and completely in love.

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