Friday, August 23, 2013

Pink and Blue Needle Marble

This is s needle marble technique done with Rimmel Pro Posh Pink and Sinful Colors Aquamarine.  I finished with NYC Matte Me Crazy.  To do the needle marble, you need to start with a base polish that will cover in about one coat.  Add a coat, a bit thick if necessary.  Add drops of your 2nd (and maybe 3rd) color.  Drag a needle (I used a dotting tool with a pointed end.) through the second color to marble the polish.  You may want to drag the needle starting from the base color into the second color as well.  I preferred  the nails where I added less of the 2nd color.  I tried several different designs.  I forgot that when I added the matte top coat the second day the polish underneath would soften up.  That is how the nails in the first pic got smudged. 

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