Saturday, October 26, 2013

Konad M60 on a Noname ELF Polish

The color of this ELF polish looks awful in the bottle.  It looks so bad that I tried to sell it at a rummage sale.  Even when it went to the half off table, it didn't sell.  So, I thought I might as well try this polish that was handed down to me.  I love the color on the nails.  It is a good thing no one would buy it at the rummage sale.  I didn't wear the ELF polish long enough to have an opinion on the brand. 

I broke a nail shortly before this manicure, so I had to file down all my other nails.  This makes most people sad.  I, however, see it as an opportunity.  My black or nearly black nail polishes look so much more chic on shorter nails (IMHO).  Also, I can use my Konad M60 plate.  The full nail images on this plate are too small for my nails at their usual length. They are still not wide enough or long enough for my thumbs at this length, but they fit better. 

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