Friday, September 11, 2009

Eyeshadow Trends for Fall (and for Cheeks and Nails)

Are you interested in the new make-up trends for fall, but your kids would rather you make supper then read fashion magazines? Then this post is for you. (see also my Lip trends for Fall post)
I had planned a grade school collage of magazine pictures. But my scanner is not cooperating. I did my best with pictures. I'm better at reading about make-up then I am at applying it.

Old rule: Choose either to play up your eyes or your lips. New rule: For nighttime you can wear a bold lip with a smokey eye. Don't believe me, look at last years Oscar photos. I plan on still choosing one or the other. If you like to wear both, you're in luck.
There is new basic eye shadow shape that is showing up. You no longer follow the crease of your lid in a windshield wiper like application. Now you continue outward from the top crease to the outer corner. This video shows a make-up application using the "outer corner" method, skip to 3:30 minutes in to see what I'm talking about. Outer corner method is my made up name. If you use this name you run the risk of looking silly. :) It's also possible this shape is not new and it's only new to me.
Winged eyes are big this fall. See this tutorial on youtube on how to do them. After seeing this video, I totally got it.

Though still in style, the look for blush is trending away from "apples of the cheek and swept on top cheek bones toward the hairline. The newer trend is blush applied to the hallows of the cheeks or applied directly to the cheekbones. Super trendy for the fashionista is 80's style rectangle under the cheekbone look. Ugh.
The number one look for fall is red lips. It's shown on almost every page of fashion magazines. The not even close second would be the all over peach shimmer look (scroll down to see).

Matte gray eye shadow: Use a matte eyeshadow. Metallic and frosts read silver and can look futuristic. I primed my eye. Then I lined the top and bottom with gray shadow (HIP Rascal), using a wet angle brush. Allure suggests light gray, but I don't own light gray. Apply gray shadow from lash line almost to the crease. Use a clean brush to blend/smudge the gray shadow into and above the crease. Smudge the shadow liner on the bottom lash line. I added dark brown eyeliner and mascara.
Cobalt Blue eye liner: My friend who loves blue eyeliner will be happy to hear it's in style. Allure showed a winged Egyptian eye (as seen in winged eye tutorial in above link) on a bare lid. Elle showed a smoked, smudged eye (runway look). This trend uses a metallic cobalt liner (also seen in teal). Elle suggests this look worn with a pinky pearly tan nude lip. (see the lip trend for fall post) I primed my lids. Then I applied HIP roaring (brown side) from the lash line to the crease. Then I blended this shadow into the crease. I applied the blue side of the shadow with a wet angle brush. I did the "day cat" eye shown in the you tube video in the above link. The liner should have began at the tear duct (oops). I also show an open and closed eye with a fully lined winged Egyptian eye. This should be done with an actual eye liner, but I don't own a blue metallic eyeliner.
This look was seen at Nicolle Miller and Versace.
Try L'Oreal HIP Cream Eyeliner Midnight Blue or for about 5 bucks more MAC Fluidline in Waveline.
Purple eye shadow: This is another big trend. Purple eye shadow is great for brown eyes. It makes green eyes look greener. If you have hazel eyes with green flecks, purple shadow makes them look greener. If you have warm skin tones, use blueish purples. Pinky purples can make your eyes look bloodshot or like you've contracted pink eye. If you have pink undertones in your skin, use an eyeshadow primer. Primers give the shadow a truer color. If you don't prime, you may end up looking like you lost a fight. If you have under eye circles, you will need extra concealer. Purple shadow brings out the purple in under eye circles. Here is a great video tutorial on concealing under eye circles. Allure says shimmer can make dark purple shadow appear less stark. If you have crepey eye lids and want to avoid metallic shadow, add iridescent powder along the lash line. Wear a brown liner (black for African Americans) in the evening. Be cautious of liner during the day time. Add a winged deep purple eyeliner for a rock look.
Some of the shades mentioned are shimmery lavender, metallic lilac, dark purple, iridescent violet, and eggplant.
I primed my lids. Then I lined the top and inner bottom 1/3 with purple eye shadow (MAC nocturnelle) with an angle brush. I applied the same purple shadow to the lids with a regular eye shadow brush, one brush width. I diffused the edges on the lid with a blending brush. I added a shimmery vanilla(MAC Nylon) to the inner corners and along the upper lash line.

Shimmery "peach" eyeshadow: Allure says to use similar colors as the peach blush. Marie Claire says to layer copper and gold on top of a muted brown cream shadow. Honestly, to me, the look appears to be achieved by combining a rose gold and copper shadows. I think you should be fine as long as you stay in the same color families.
This look seen at Donna Karan and Mui Mui.
I didn't get this look right. I should look a bit more pink/rosey. You'll just have to use your imagination. Lips- I used peach lip gloss. It should be pinky/pearly nude, but I don't own that color. Blush- should be as described below. I used a shimmery orange blush that reads peach on my skin and a bronzer . I used copper shadow over a muted cream shadow. It needed rose tones, in my humble opinion. Again, I don't own the proper colors.

Shimmery peach blush:
This is worn with the pinky tan lip gloss mentioned in the lip trend link and the shimmery "peach" eyeshadow. Marie Claire says this total look can be a post summer bronzer alternative. You can either use a shimmery peach blush or a matte peach blush layered with a shimmery bronzer. Wear this color on the apples of your cheeks and just above the cheek bone.

Nail color: I'm not totally up on this. Here is what I do know. Joining two years ago's matte black (still in) and last years matte navy (still in) we have deep, almost black, forest green and deep, almost black, purple. These shades dry to a velvet finish and are more wearable then they sound. That said, I won't be wearing them. Shimmery lavender is also in. Oh, nail shapes are trending away from square and toward almond shape.

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