Monday, September 21, 2009

Using you BEK remote

* I posted this last night. This morning a got a letter saying the DVR is coming very soon. Oh well, the second two tutorials are still useful. :)
Here are a few helpful tips for using you remote if you subscribe to BEK cable. Since the fall TV season is starting and BEK still doesn't have DVR, I've added instructions on how to record with your VCR.
If you don't want to scroll past the block of kid's channels, the block of religious channels, etc. you can set up your own guide. In fact you could set up more then one guide. One for you, one for your hubby,... The downside to having several guides is that the remote is super sensitive. When changing between a list of several guides, you may accidentally jump right past your guide. You may prefer only one custom guide for your whole family. I highly recommend setting up a custom guide.
The last tutorial is how to access your TV's menu using the BEK remote. Then you can use your TV's sleep settings, closed caption settings, adjust the picture, etc.

How to Record
1. Set up your VCR to record. Set your VCR to record the channel your cable box is set to. The channel number is located on the bottom of your remote underneath the PurpleBEK logo on your remote. Set your VCR to record this channel no matter what channel your program is on.
2. Set your television to change the channel when it is time to record. Your VCR will only record the channel you are watching. If someone happens to be watching TV and changes the channel to America's Funniest Home Videos, that's what you will be recording. Your VCR will still record if your TV is off.
A) Press Guide.
B) Scroll to find the channel of program you want to record.
C) Press the circular red button labeled multiscreen. It is located just below the left/right/up/down/ arrows that surround the OK button. This will activate your Guide Per Channel.
D) Scroll down until you find the show you want to record. Only the next two days programing will be shown. You can not do this more then 2 days prior to recording. When you find the show you would like to record, press Info. This is a circular gray button right of the left/right/up/down/OK circle.
E) Scroll down until Reminders is highlighted. Press OK.
F) Save & Exit should be highlighted. Make sure it says Yes on the right side of the screen. Press OK.
G) Press Exit. The show you want to record should now have clock beside it. If you see this, you have been successful. Press either Exit (bottom left of the left/right/up/down/OK) or Live TV (top right of the left/right/up/down/OK). If the clock is not there, go back to step D where it says to press Info.

Might I also suggest They have full episodes of many TV shows. And you can skip this whole complicated process.

How to set up a guide (or several guides)
1. Press Menu. (it's a rectangular gray button above the left/right/up/down/OK circle) Scroll down to Account Info/Settings and press the right arrow of the left/right/up/down/OK circle.
2. Scroll down until it says Favorites. Press the right arrow on the left/right/up/down/OK.
3. Scroll down to New and hit OK.
4. A blue menu with letters will appear. Type in the name of your guide. Your first (or last) name is a good name. Or you could name it after me. :) Move the box so it surrounds the letter you want and press OK. When your name is finished, highlight Done and click OK.
5. A new menu will appear with the list of all the channels. Press the right arrow to highlight the channel list. Press OK to add any channel you would like on your list. If a channel is added it will say On by that channel instead of Off. Scroll up and down (up and down arrows) to find all the channels you would like to add to your guide.
6. When all the channels you would like on your guide are added (say On beside them), press the left arrow. Save & Exit should be highlighted. Press OK. You have completed your guide. Press either Exit (bottom left of the left/right/up/down/OK circle) or Live TV (top right of the left/right/up/down/OK circle).
7. To add another Guide, begin again.

Access the Guide you just added:
A) Press Guide. This Should bring up your guide. In the top left corner of your TV there should be a purple circle that says BEK TV. Below that is a black bar that extends across the entire screen. The black bar has today's date followed by three times (Example 9:00AM 9:30AM 10:00AM). Directly above today's date and below the purpleBEK TV circle it should say My Guide: in white writing. To the right of My Guide: there will be a word in blue. If it says:

All-a list of all the channels you could possibly be subscribed to.
Subscribed- A list of ll the channels you are currently subscribed to.
Your First Name (or whatever you named your guide)-A list of only the channels you add to your guide.

B) If you do not have the Guide you'd like (Example: It says All and you want Your Guide), press the Guide button again. Continue pressing the Guide button until you have the guide you'd like. Now you can scroll up and down to browse your channels. Press Exit or Live TV to return to watching television.

To access your TV menu:
1. Press the TV button. This is a tiny circular gray bottom directly to the left of the power button. When you press this, the TV button should turn red.
2. Press Menu. This should bring up your TV menu. If it that doesn't happen, go back to step one. The remote is temperamental. It flat out doesn't work every time. You can be pressing all the right buttons and it still won't work. You can Change the settings using the up/down/right/left arrows. (at least on most TVs)
3. When you've done. Press Menu to return to live TV. Press the STB button. It is the small circular gray button to the far left of the power button and just to the left of the TV button. Pressing the STB makes your remote control cable functions again.

If any of this is unclear, feel free to leave questions in the comments.

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