Monday, February 20, 2012

Spring Nail Polish Trends 2012

I want to point out that none of the nail in this post are mine.  Click on the polish name for the corresponding blog post.  The polishes are from the OPI Holland Collection, Nicole OPI Kardashian Collection, Essie Navigate Her Collection, Zoya True Collection, and a new Milani.
I'll start with peach/pink polish. The Essie version is reportedly very streaky.
Essie A Crewed Interest
Another big trend is what I'll call denim blues.  Sort of a denim blue color with sparkles.
Another trend it light greens, especially the colors in the first picture.
Also, bright orange and red-orange, red-coral.  I'd imagine these are more like summer colors, but they are in the spring collections.
And is it just me, or does the name OPI A Roll in the Hague make you think of this too?

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