Thursday, May 3, 2012

Zoya Harley

This is one of my absolute favorite colors.  As I've stated repeatedly, Zoya is my favorite nail polish brand.  It wears the best of any polish I own, 6-7 days.  This is two coats.  Zoya describes Harley as:
Light concrete gray base with subtle flecks of silver, gold and copper shimmer. A chic and unexpected shade that's suitable for everyday wear.
I agree that it is a chic, everyday shade.  I couldn't put it better myself.  The shimmer is so subtle that you don't notice it.  It looks like a cream when you wear it.  Without the subtle shimmer, this warm toned gray would be very flat and a depressing color.  Zoya has struck the perfect balance by adding just enough shimmer to make it look like a cream formula.   I'm hoping gray will become the new classic neutral.  If gray does stay in style *fingers crossed*, I'll restock Harley every time I finish a bottle.

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