Wednesday, March 14, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Manicure/Wet n Wild Megalast Garden Hose

Happy St Patrick's Day (in a few days).  This is Wet n Wild Megalast Garden Hose with Emerald City clovers.  I used a tooth pic to paint the clovers.  I made the dots with a tooth pic.  Making dots can dull the end of the tooth pic.  Make sure to use a sharp end to paint on the stems.  Most of the clovers are three leaf clovers, but there are a few four leaf clovers in there.  Below is a picture of my right hand, painted by my non dominant hand.
Wet n Wild Megalast Garden Hose was limited edition from the 2010 spring collection.  Wet n Wild has changed the formula and bottles since then.  I've read the new formula is similar but better then the old formula.  I haven't tried the new formula, but I'm completely in love with the old formula.  It wears like iron for me.  My newspaper manicure where I used this polish lasted about 13 days with only minor chips.  I could have worn it even longer, but the bottom that was growing out from the cuticles was driving me nuts.  I normally get about 6-7 days wear with this polish.  Not only is the new formula reportedly better then the old formula, it is also in bigger bottles for the same price, 2$.  They also added a big brush, and I love big brushes.  The old formula is one of my top two favorite nail polish formulas, the other being Zoya.

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