Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Craft Scissors and Scotch Tape Manicure

The blue base of this manicure is Essie Smooth Sailing. I learned something.  Craft scissors will only cut scotch tape if there is a lot of tension on the tape.  You can't rip a piece off the dispenser and then cut it.  I cut the tape between the tape roll and the cutting edge of the dispenser.  Once you have a piece cut, apply it to the back of your hand so it won't be so sticky when you apply it to your nails. My nails curve quite a bit from side to side.  When I tried to apply the tape horizontally, it did not apply smoothly against the curve of the nail.  I had better luck on my thumb when I applied the tape vertically.  I actually liked how that looked better.  Too bad you can't really see how it looked on my thumb it in the picture above.  I applied Zoya Laney (silver) and removed the tape immediately.  Next time, all my tape will be applied vertically like on my thumb. 

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