Saturday, January 26, 2013

Pure Ice Mint Dream over Essie Nice is Nice

This is a coat of Pure Ice Mint Dream over Essie Nice is Nice which is a lavender cream polish.  Mint Dream adds a green flash/duochrome/pearl look to any pale polish.  Mint Dream is great over pastel polishes, but not great over dark polishes.  In real life, the green flash is more prominent the in the picture.  In fact, it is a bit too prominent to make this the perfect polish.  It would be perfect if it looked like it does in the above pic.  My nails sort of have an icy teal look much of the time with the green and purple combining.  That is good too, but I'd prefer it if my nails always looked like the above pic.  That being said, it is a fantastic polish and I don't know of any other polish like it.  If you are interested, run, don't walk, to Walmart to pick up your own 2$ bottle.  It was discontinued the first of the year, but there is probably still a bottle or two to be found at your Walmart.  Mint Dream is also great over mint green polish.

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