Friday, July 13, 2012

White Dots on White Manicure

This is one coat of Wet n Wild Megalast Break the Ice. I used a dotting tool to make white dots with Sally Hansen Whirlwind White.  Then I added a second coat of Break the Ice.  Some of the dots are a little wonky.  My year old nephew, who shows no interest in me (He is in a Mommy only stage), suddenly became very interested in me when I was doing the dots.  I'm on to you little boy.  You only find me interesting when I show no interest in you.  Don't think you are the first man to try that technique!  I think this manicure would be nice in winter with a snowflake or snowman on an accent finger.
Break the ice is a nice color.  It is a shear white with shimmer.  It never really becomes opaque, If I were going to wear this polish without the dots, I'd probably do three coats.

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