Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Beer Barge

The Beer Barge, A.K.A beverage barge, is my new favorite thing. I found this tutorial on instructibles on how to make a beer barge from a fun noodle (one of those long tubes kids float on). Hollow it out with a knife, a little hot glue and you're practically done. Make sure your noodle is bigger then a can. Mine barely was. I made a longer and taller one for bottles. I used plastic knives for supports rather then Popsicle sticks (as done in instructables). Mine will be floating in a lake with green stuff growing on the bottom, not in a chlorinated pool, so I thought it was wise. I haven't tested it in the wind, but it works well with a breeze. One noodle makes about 4 barges. I plan to tie it to the floatie a better way some day when I've planned ahead.

1 comment:

  1. I am actually pretty excited about trying this new invention out! Finally, a craft project I am ALL OVER! Toni