Monday, July 27, 2009

Help finding make-up

Looking for a new moisturizer, conditioner,or maybe a new lipstick? Here are some links that might help.

Allure Magazine's readers choice awards. Readers voted on make-up in all categories. They had separate categories for drugstore and department store in all categories. They also suggest specific shades for all the products. There are also categories for pale and bright nail polish. I personally love MAC eyeshadow and HIP eyeshadow (I haven't tried the specific colors suggested).

Paula Begoun, The Cosmetic Cop, was on Oprah last week and suggested specific products (not colors) in all categories. In general, there are drugstore and department store make-up and hair products recommendations in each category. Here is another site that has her reviews. Many of the reviews on this site are not as up to date. She also has this link that has facts about sunblock and, at the bottom of the page, has suggestions for products that have sunscreen. It suggest make-up, moisturizer, lip balm, etc.

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