Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Jeans for a big butt, Levis 529

People who know me know I can't buy jeans. They just don't fit my body. I usually have to order custom made jeans to get them to fit. If you consider going from a size 2 to a size 4 one size jump, my waist is 2-3 sizes smaller then my butt. If that weren't enough, I carry all of that in the back and most jeans are built with extra tummy room. I also have a slight sway in my back. I bought some clearance jeans that (mostly) fit me a few days ago. Part of the reason these particular jeans fit is they are sewn wrong. I tried on the non clearance version at Kohls, and they didn't fit (or I would have bought one in every color).
Levis fit 529 is a good jean to try if you have a large butt. The fit higher in the back (a few inches below the natural waist), but are still lower in the front (two inches below the belly button). This way they look normal from the front, but have no back gap. The pair I bought is still two inches too large in the waist, but the waist band lays toward my body instead of away from it. They are cut fuller in the hip and have boot cut legs. Boot cut is good for curvy girls. I think they are worth trying on if you have problems with back gap.
The front pockets in these jeans are only about 2 inches deep. I have no idea why they did that. If you are deciding between two sizes, pick the smaller size. The jeans stretch out very quickly. Once the butt stretches out, if the waist is still a bit too big the will fall and bag. Mine stretch out on the first wearing, and must be washed to return to the original shape.

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