Saturday, July 11, 2009

Outlast Lipstain Review

Outlast Lipstain Review

What I look for in a lipstick: Long lasting. I hate to reapply.
My experience with this type of product: I've tried a lot of stay-on lipsticks.

My rating
: 1 sit and spin

Would I buy this again?
What I like about it: Not much. The red color is nice.
What I hate about it: It's not lasting. It goes on way too bold for my taste. It has a drying feel, and I usually don't care about lipstick texture at all. If your lips are even the least bit dry, the dry part sucks up the color and highlights the dry areas.

As I say in the video, I applied the lipstick in the top right picture with a lip brush, to get a lighter look. I find it wearable that way, but time consuming to put on. In the bottom left it is applied as directed, and is in my opinion, way too bold. It's hard to tell on camera, but it shows up more in real life. Side note: My hair was in the process of air drying.

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