Monday, July 27, 2009

How to Apply Bronzer

I suspect many of you are like I was. You are slightly confused about where to apply bronzer. Allure magazine had a bronzer tutorial a few months ago. Here is the video that went with that tutorial. I'll sum up the video below, in case you just want to be reminded of the basics.

1. Choose a bronzer that matches your skin tone (light, medium, dark). Choose a matte bronzer with yellow tones. Avoid pink bronzers and shimmery bronzers. It should look slightly darker then your jawline when applied.
2. Apply foundation and concealer as usual. Apply a moisturizer or tinted moisturizer if you had dry skin (before foundation). Apply powder if you have oily skin.
3. Use a medium sized brush to apply bronzer. Dip the brush and tap off excess. Apply along your jawline and hairline using tight, circular motions. Move from the outsides of your face to the center. Wherever your start will apply more color then where you finish.
4. Add more bronzer to your brush and tap. Sweep bronzer on your cheekbones and down the nose. Skim your forehead, chin, and neck. Tap brush to remove excess powder then use brush to blend with swirling motions where needed.
5. Apply blush to the apples of your cheeks. Start the circle on the outside of the apple so the most color is just outside your eye, and not right below your iris. Add just a touch to the center of your forehead, tip of the nose, and chin to balance the blush. Choose matte blush for day and shimmer (optional) for night. Choose a pink blush, not a peach. Peach blush can make the bronzer look orange. Use a brown eye liner instead of black. Pick gold or bronze eye shadow. Choose a sheer nude or light pink lip gloss.

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