Thursday, January 26, 2012

Cheap Thrills: ELF Studio Blush Brush

My rule for cheap thrills is that the thrills have to 1) be under 5$ or a cheap price for the product 2) I have to really like it.  I'm a bargain hunter, so I have quite a few of these and I'm always looking for the next one. 

The ELF Studio Blush Brush (black handle) is awesome for 3$.  Ideally, I'd wish this was a bit denser.  But this works really well.  It is soft.  The shape is great.  The size is great.  It is soft.  It does what you want it to do.  If the magic blush brush fairy came and brought me the perfect blush brush that was slightly denser, I'd happily accept it.  But, I won't be looking for a different blush brush any time soon.  I really like this brush and highly recommend it.

Now it is time for disclaimers and apologies.  I'm trying a new hair product and used too much, thus producty hair.  I tried to iron the sheet, but it was super wrinkled.  I'll have to wash it before I film another video.  My lighting is terrible and I'm often out of frame.  Sorry about all that.


  1. You're so cute Lora. I am going to go buy a brush, then it looks like I need lessons on how to apply the blush. One of these days I may be down there for a makeover.

  2. Robyn- We have a similar face shape (I think). What I was told by a make-up artist friend online is to apply blush to the apples of my cheeks and then blend upward along the cheek bones. She said this sounds like generic advice, but is particularly true for my face shape (diamond/square).