Sunday, January 29, 2012

Testing Essie Shine of the Times

When I got my "free" (I paid shipping) Zoya polishes in the mail, they also send me nail plates with swatches of their new collections.  On one of the plates, there was a blank side.
Off topic:  Zoya, why would you do that?  You are making the plates and spending them out.  Why not just put swatches of the 6 best selling nudes or purples or blues?  You need to have your marketing department get on that.
Anyway, I decided to try to find colors to pair with Essie Shine of the Times, which is a flakie.

Click on the pics to make them larger.  I like this over the pink and the lavender.  I think I'll try this over the Rimmel Purple Rain.  I don't think it will be for me (I"m not a dark polish girl), but I'm going to try it anyway.

In the first swatch I also added a coat of Hard Candy Matte-ly in Love.  I think it looks like the rocks in the Black Hills of South Dakota.  Do I want my nails to look like rocks?  Probably not, but I'll likely try it some time.  I liked it over the green and blue.  I also like it over OPI I love this color (red-brown).  That will be a nice combo in the fall.

As long as I was taking pics, I took one of the Zoya flakie samples they sent me.  The first three are the flakie polishes alone.  They look much sheerer in pictures on the internet.  The last three pics are of the respective polishes over another color.

And, if you are interested, this Square Nails blog post has a round up of all the spring 2012 nail polish collections.

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