Saturday, March 16, 2013

Happy St. Patrick's Day

This is Wet 'n Wild Garden Hose topped with Pure Ice Mint Dreams and Finger Paints Go Van Gogh for the shamrocks.  The garden hose link has a pic of Garden Hose alone at the bottom of the page.  The pic below shows Pure Ice Mint Dreams over Garden Hose.  Mint Dreams adds a green iridescent finish to any polish it is layered over.  This combo reminds me of glow in the dark stickers in daylight, but greener.  Sometimes I like it, sometimes I think it is a bit much. 
I used a dotting tool to make the shamrocks.  The large shamrock on my ring finger was a fail on both hands.  I won't do it next year.  If you want to try one, it is basically four heart shapes joined in the center.  I find the medium size dotting tool makes the best normal sized shamrocks. 

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